2015 Ansys Automotive Simulation World Congress

2015 Ansys Automotive Simulation World Congress

2015 Automotive Simulation World Congress


Detroit, MI, Michigan

Join and learn from other automotive and ground transportation leaders at the 2015 Automotive Simulation World Congress in Detroit.

The Automotive Simulation World Congress is a platform for automotive, off-highway and motorsport companies and their suppliers worldwide to exchange advances, best practices and methodologies in automotive simulation. Every year the conference features over 60 presentations and panel discussions and is attended by several hundred professionals from well over 100 organizations around the world.

Presentation topics cover all aspects of simulation, including structural (FEA), fluids (CFD), thermal, electromagnetics, circuit simulation and embedded software simulation, pertaining to various vehicle systems, such as:

  • Engine combustion, cooling and structural simulation, fluid-structure interaction, turbochargers, air-fuel systems and engine ancillaries

  • Powertrain systems, pumps, transmission, clutches, gear drives and differentials

  • Aerodynamics, underhood thermal management and climate control

  • Chassis, brakes, suspension, steering, wheels and tires

  • Vehicle electrification, electric powertrain, advanced batteries, e-motors, power electronics, fuel cells and autonomous vehicles

  • Low- and high-frequency electronics, sensors, actuators, antenna design and wireless connectivity

  • Acoustics and NVH

  • Model-based systems engineering

  • Embedded and controls software modeling, verification and certified code generation, ISO26262 and Autosar
The conference also provides unique networking opportunities with simulation-related technical specialists, engineering managers and directors from automotive and ground transportation companies and their suppliers from all around the world.

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Event Type: Conference
City: Detroit, MI
Country: USA
Date: 2 Jun 2015