2018 GLOBAL ALTAIR Technology Conference

World's leading digital design event from the makers of HyperWorks & solidThinking

The 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference represents the 10th time the conference has been held in Europe, bringing together companies from around the world that have benefited significantly by integrating the latest simulation, digital design, IoT and cloud computing technologies into their product development processes.

Through thought-provoking keynote speakers, cutting-edge technical case studies and educational workshops, the ATC will reveal how companies are achieving business goals and delivering world-class products in shortened timescales. Last held in 2017, over 700 engineering professionals attended and actively turned the conference into one of the World's premier digital design events. We hope that you can join us this October in Paris.



Event Type: Seminar
City: Paris
Country: France
Date: 16 Oct 2018