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After Manchester (2008), Greenville (2009), Wuhan (2011), Aachen (2012), Dehli (2013), Raleigh (2015) the 7th World Conference on 3D Fabrics and their Applications will take place in Roubaix (France) organized by TexEng Software Ltd and ENSAIT.
3D textiles, in the forms such as solid, hollow, shell and node, demonstrate attractive characteristics in structures and properties and have found applications in many advanced fields, including aerospace, automotive, railway, truck, medical, and protection. 

Technologies involved in manufacturing 3D textiles include weaving, knitting, braiding, embroidery, filament winding and nonwoven. Development of advanced manufacturing technologies, investigation into structures and properties, and advanced applications of 3D textile based materials remain to be the main concerns. This series of conference serves as an international forum where deep level concerns regarding 3D textiles and applications are addressed.
The themes of this conference are at least:

1. Advanced textile technologies and materials: 3D FABRICS

  • woven
  • braided
  • knitted
  • nonwoven
  • multilayer flat sheets
  • 3D shaped solids
  • hollow fabrics
  • 3D shells
  • multiple connections
2. Engineering and manufacture of 3D textiles and composites
  • design
  • machine control
  • manufacture
  • structure & geometry
  • modelling
  • mechanical properties
  • other performance features
  • testing
  • techno-economics
3. Advanced applications of 3D textiles and composites.
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • marine
  • military
  • construction
  • medical & health
  • protection
  • smart materials
  • garments

4. Other

You can find more information about the conference at:


Event Type: Conference
Location: Roubaix France
Date: September 8, 2016