8th ESI OpenFOAM Conference 2020

8th ESI OpenFOAM Conference 2020

8th ESI OpenFOAM Conference 2020

Date: 13-15 October 2020

In the hope that global travel restrictions will be lifted well before October 2020, we continue to prepare for this event.

Organized by ESI OpenCFD, this conference offers a unique opportunity to interact with users and developers across the OpenFOAM® community and to participate in the current and future governance of OpenFOAM.

This is the primary OpenFOAM event in all areas of CFD applications and process integration: Turbulence, Multiphase including VoF Eulerian Lagrangian and Particle Physics, Transportation and Marine, Numerics, Meshing, HPC/Architecture, API and Infrastructural, Documentation and Tutorial Learning, Optimisation, Electrification, Combustion and Heat Transfer.

Who should attend? CFD Engineers, Managers, IT Specialists, Developers, Consultants, Researchers and Students.

The third day (workshop day) provides accredited trainings with Continuing Professional Development hours.

Call for Papers deadline is 31st May, 2020.


Event Type: Conference
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Date: 13 Oct 2020