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Advanced Simulation for Internal Combustion Engines (ICE)

Results from recent benchmark studies show that enhancements to combustion models in STAR-CD® are providing superior prediction of knock and emissions. Combining this with design space exploration is enabling the discovery of more innovative designs and automating the calibration runs for new injectors and for testing different fuels.

Please join us for the workshop on September 28, 2016, to hear firsthand about the benchmark results and development efforts for both STAR-CD/es-ice and STAR-CCM+® solutions. Specialists will highlight advanced developments and workflow automation, and how they are delivering added value and time savings to ICE customers.

The continued goal of the ICE technology is to improve the model fidelity, simplicity, and speed with which powertrain engineers can create, validate, and improve virtual prototypes of their products.

This workshop is free. Please visit our event page at for more details.


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Nuremberg Germany
Date: September 28, 2016