Aerodynamics Tools and Methods in Aircraft Design

Aerodynamics Tools and Methods in Aircraft Design

 Royal Aeronautical Society

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is holding a two-day technical conference on Aerodynamics Tools and Methods in Aircraft Design, with specialist and expert speakers from home and abroad. Taking place on 14th -15th October 2019, the event will discuss the current state-of-the art in theoretical and experimental tools and methods in aircraft design. With advances in CFD, MDO, Wind-Tunnel and Flight-Test capabilities, focus is also on what is needed to cope with future unconventional platforms.

How should these tools evolve and develop to meet the demands and requirements of future programmes of civil and military aeroplanes, UAVs, rotorcraft, electric and autonomous vehicles, automobiles, weapons, space vehicles, maritime vessels and wind turbines.

Key subject areas:

- Aerodynamics: Low Speed, Transonic and Supersonic
- Aircraft Design, including Environmental and Efficiency Considerations
- Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation
- Certification by Analysis incorporating wind-tunnel testing and experimentation, flight testing, aero-propulsion integration, flow control, numerical simulation & certification.

This unique event provides one of the very few opportunities for the gathering of leading academics and industrialists outside of specific project or funding events. By contemplating the role of aerodynamics in the aircraft design process it focusses on the needs of the customer, as well as on the tools/methods and the underlying physics.

This conference will provide the perfect opportunity to network with professionals and discuss results and experiments with a view to promote collaborations for future enhancement of capabilities.



Event Type: Conference
City: London
Country: UK
Date: 14 Oct 2019