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Anti-Racist Approaches in Technology

Anti-Racist Approaches in Technology

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Become an advocate for anti-racism in technology

Technologies have become inseparable from our daily lives and we are more reliant on them than ever before. But technologies have been designed within a predominantly white technology sector, and many of them reinforce racism.

On this course, you’ll delve into the history of racism within technology development and the different ways you can combat it in the future and bring about more inclusive technology.
Investigate how technology can discriminate

The impacts that racism in technology can have on Black people and people of colour is extremely troubling. From facial recognition to healthcare and criminal justice algorithms, racial bias in technology affects many areas of life with sometimes devastating consequences.

You’ll look into how technologies can reinforce racism and the impact this can have on Black people and people of colour, which will help you towards becoming a thoughtful advocate for anti-racism.
Compare and justify different anti-racist technologies

There are many examples of anti-racist technologies so it’s important to contrast the pros and cons of each. You’ll compare different types of these technologies and discuss why there’s such a need for anti-racist and inclusive technology.
Learn how to implement anti-racist approaches in your own work

To design anti-racist technologies, anti-racism needs to be considered at every stage of development so that technologies promote rather than hamper equality in society.

You’ll develop anti-racist tools and techniques that can be applied in your own context, from recruitment and user research through to implementation, testing, and marketing. These techniques help you in any industry and role you work in, but especially within diversity and inclusion, and technology development.


Event Type: Training Course
City: Online
Country: FutureLearn
Date: 31 Jul 2025