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Automate your simulation workflow with Isight & Non-parametric optimisation Tosca

Date:Automate your simulation workflow with Isight & Non-parametric optimisation Tosca

London Hammersmith, UK

This one day seminar introduces Isight and Tosca. Both tools can be very powerful when generating new concepts early in the design cycle or for fine tuning later when the design is mature. Used throughout the design process, both can lead to significant cost savings, product performance gains, innovative product design and a shortening of the design cycle in general.

Isight provides designers, engineers, and researchers with a powerful system for automating computer-aided product development process, exploring the design space and performing parametric optimization.

It is an open system for integrating design and simulation models that is used to create flexible simulation process flows (simflows) consisting of a variety of applications/components. You can also add techniques, also known as drivers (i.e., Design of Experiments, Optimization, DOE, Six Sigma, Taguchi, Monte Carlo, etc.) which are used for design exploration and/or optimization.

Tosca optimization software reduces development time and costs more so than traditional CAE software alone by automating and accelerating the design-simulate-evaluate loop. Reducing, if needed at all, the number of prototypes created and automatically shortening the product design process, eliminating significant costs.

As a designed driver of Abaqus, Tosca has a number of advantages. Tosca is an open system and seamlessly integrates with leading FEA solvers and exports design results to CAD systems with Splines or STL data.

Its engineering benefits include:

• Increasing a design's durability

• Increasing its natural frequencies

• Reducing material and weight/minimizing mass

• Reducing stress concentration

Tosca has both structural and fluid engineering capabilities. Tosca structural accomplishes linear and nonlinear structural optimization for stress, durability, NVH, as well as for topology, shape, bead, sizing and morphing.

Specific structural benefits include:

• Bead optimization for increased stiffness and reduced vibration noise: adding ribs or extending sheet metal to improve the static and dynamic properties of sheet metal shell structures.

• Shape optimization for homogenized stress by automatic modification of the surface geometry.

• Sizing optimization of complex shell element structures for stiffness or dynamics.

Tosca Fluid optimizes for reduced pressure drop and improved flow uniformity, in order to improve flow efficiency. A single CFD solver run is sufficient for optimization in Tosca Fluid.

Agenda and Seminar details:

  1. Overview of Isight and its applications for simulation workflow management and parametric optimization

  2. Demonstration:
    • Automate a series of functions to create a Sim-flow
    • Add and set up components to a Sim-flow
    • Set up the core component
    • Execute and visualize Sim-flow results
    • Evaluate design alternatives
    • Integrating various software in the company
    • Perform Design Optimization and gain Design Space understanding by using various techniques such as DOE, Optimization, Monte Carlo etc

  3. Tips and tricks

  4. Overview of Tosca and its applications for structural and fluid optimization

  5. Demonstration:
    • Topology
    • Shape
    • Size
    • Bead

  6. Tips and tricks

Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm the seminar is a “Free to Attend” event

Venue: Dassault Systèmes UK Ltd, 11th Floor West Wing, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, London, W6 7BA

Hammersmith Tube Station is 200 yards from our office building. It is easily accessible from all mainline stations.

If you are travelling from the North there is a spacious car park at Hillingdon Tube Station just off the A40, with a direct link to Hammersmith.

More Information:

 IntrinsysFEA, the dedicated FEA group within Intrinsys, provides a range of software tools and focused engineering services dedicated to analysis and simulation at the highest level.


Event Type: Seminar
Location: London, Hammersmith United Kingdom
Date: November 26, 2014