Build Your New Digital Simulation Superpowers

Build Your New Digital Simulation Superpowers

Digital Simulation

Join the Maya HTT engineering experts for a day of live sessions and roundtable discussion.
Build and use your new digital engineering superpowers:

We'll have a great keynote presentation about digital transformation with simulation in motorsports, and we'll be taking a look at:

Top engineering trends and challenges and what to do about them
How simulation can enable innovation
How applied artificial intelligence (AI) can impact design and simulation work
What’s the next generation design for performance engineering
The power of integrated multiphysics computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution
Multidisciplinary & topology optimization

And much much more…
Register now! Start your digital simulation adventure today (superhero capes optional).


Event Type: Workshop
City: Coventry
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 22 Oct 2019