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Calculating Fatigue from Strain Gauge Measurements

nCode Calculating Fatigue from Strain Gauge Measurements

This workshop is aimed at engineers who are concerned with strain gauge measurements and using these to calculate fatigue life. It presents the methods and tools available to perform these calculations, and introduces the use of virtual strain gauges with finite element models to correlate with measured strains.

It is assumed that attendees have a general understanding of data acquisition.

Workshop topics will include:

  • An introduction to strain gauge basics; operating principles, types of gauges, the Wheatstone bridge and strain gauge wiring configurations

  • Reviewing measured strains to ensure good quality data for fatigue analysis

  • Fatigue calculation methods, their analysis options and Rainflow cycle counting to identify fatigue cycles

  • Reducing complex loading to simple block cycles to create an equivalent damage test specification to verify components in the laboratory

  • Using virtual strain gauges on finite element models to correlate with measured strains and to determine the optimal location and orientation of real strain gauges to reconstruct structural loads

  • A brief demonstration using nCode GlyphWorks and DesignLife software with an opportunity to try the software out first hand

The workshop is independent and does not rely on concepts introduced in other workshops.

Event Registration:
When: 29 April @ 9:30-12:30
Where: The Riverside Centre (Derby, UK)
About: This free workshop is hosted by HBM-nCode. 

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Event Type: Workshop
Location: Derby UK
Date: April 29, 2015