Calculation and Verification of Welds

Calculation and Verification of Welds

Welded seams are one of the oldest and most common "machine elements". Seam welds are also relevant to safety. There are many Standards for the design and verification of
Welds. In structural simulations the responsible engineer or designer often has many questions such as:

How do I model the weld?
How detailed?
With which quality and which element type?
What should I look for in the evaluation?
Which standard do I have to evaluate and prove?
Under what conditions can I neglect to represent the welds in the simulation?
And how big is the effort for one professional weld analysis?
Can you go through the analysis save manufacturing costs?

The workshop hosted by VPE / PLM Swiss aims to address the issues raised above using concrete examples from the speakers. In the final discussion you have the rare opportunity to ask your questions about design and to discuss welding joints with the experts present.

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Event Type: Workshop
City: Rapperswil
Country: Switzerland
Date: 23 Jan 2020