Call for Abstracts - International CAE Conference

Call for Abstracts - International CAE Conference

Calling for abstracts exposing outstanding engineering achievements


The 2019 CAE Conference will illustrate how and where engineering simulation, already pervasive in design and production processes and in the use of products themselves, is inextricably linked to the other Industry 4.0 technologies. One could even say that Engineering Simulation’s role is central to Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

This year’s CAE Conference will illustrate how engineering simulation can be used in different productive contexts to orchestrate a successful and considered path towards effective digital transformation.

The Breakout Sessions will be related to the most common application areas of virtual experimentation: such as automotive, aerospace, and energy, among others. These sessions will be focused on the practical experiences of international organizations in different industrial sectors.

The conference welcomes papers for these sessions - Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Energy, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing -, not only highlighting the value of engineering simulations, but also illustrating the pervasiveness of simulation-based engineering and sciences (SBES) pushing the boundaries of simulation and moving towards digital transformation.

Deadline for abstract submission: 2019, 21st June