CD-adapco JAVA™ Scripting - Process Automation Training Course

CD-adapco JAVA™ Scripting - Process Automation Training Course

January, 30

Course Duration: 2 Days


Users should be proficient in STAR-CCM+ (No STAR-CCM+ basics will be covered).
Users should have a good grasp of programming fundamentals.
JAVA™ knowledge is useful, but not required

Who Should Attend

If you are an experienced STAR-CCM+ user and wish to integrate automated engineering processes then this course provides you the tools to achieve your goal.

Course Description

The objective of this course is to provide analysis engineers with the ability to integrate computational automation into their engineering processes through the use of the powerful JAVA™ scripting functionality in STAR-CCM+. In achieving automation of engineering processes, analysts can expect rapid streamlining of engineering design procedures allowing both an increase in the number of design cycles and more exploratory use of the powerful STAR-CCM+ engineering toolset.

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