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DATADVANCE User Conference 2021 | VIRTUAL

DATADVANCE User Conference 2021 | VIRTUAL

Low-code AI Cloud Platform Driving Energy Transition

We are pleased to invite you to the second virtual DATADVANCE User Conference (DUC2021), an annual gathering of pSeven users community, that will be held on 14 October 2021 online.

DATADVANCE conferences have always been a platform to discuss global industry trends and hurdles that concern all the industry sectors across the world. This year, conference’ focal point is a challenge that will soon impact every industry – the transition to a future sustainable energy system. Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as lithium-ion batteries. At DATADVANCE, we are certain that Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-based software solutions are vital to the energy transition and have the potential to reduce energy waste, lower energy costs, and facilitate and accelerate the use of clean renewable energy sources in power grids worldwide.

The agenda of DUC2021 encompasses multi-industry presentations of customer success stories and the talks of energy and R&D experts, who will reveal the role of ML-based cloud technology by DATADVANCE in driving the energy transition. The role of DATADVANCE software solutions is to apply the AI capabilities to the industrial data of the customers and to build more reliable and accurate Digital Twins of assets and networks faster. The combination of utility data, domain knowledge and industrial AI helps energy businesses be more flexible and deliver safer, cleaner, and more sustainable energy.

Participating at a virtual DUC2021 is a great opportunity for the design engineers, simulation experts, R&D specialists, data scientists, methods and tools experts and other professionals from any industry to get together to establish collaboration and find solutions to the most relevant challenges. Join us at DUC2021 to:

Get inspired by industry-leading speakers who will highlight the role of the low-code AI cloud platform by DATADVANCE in driving the energy transition.
Witness the success stories presentations by pSeven users from energy, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas and other domains to learn from their experience.
Discover the capabilities of pSeven Enterprise and functionality updates of pSeven.
Engage into discussion with the developers, reconnect with colleagues and meet new people.

Registration is free! Reserving a spot is easy and requires only to get a free ticket.


Event Type: Conference
City: Virtual
Country: Online
Date: 14 Oct 2021