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Digimat Tech Day

Register today for the Digimat Tech Day following the JEC Paris show


Paris, France

Announcing Digimat-VA ("virtual allowables"), effective & efficient solution to predict the behavior of your composite coupons!

The use of composite materials can bring significant weight saving in the design and it is thus a major challenge for the upcoming decades. Shifting from a metal to composite paradigm requires a dedicated tool for composite design in order to take into account the specific composite behavior.

Digimat, enabling technology from e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, is a state-of-the-art software to provide design and analysis tools that give the user 100% confidence in their composite materials and structures thanks to an advanced and accurate description of the local composite behavior. As security factors can be left aside thanks to Digimat, composite materials are used to 100% of their potential, maximizing their competiveness against metal and leading to substantial weight reduction. Digimat tools integrate smoothly within the current virtual design process, bridging the gap between manufacturing process and structural analysis.

Join the Composites Technology Day, the partner event of the JEC Paris to learn how to:

  • Investigate and predict the behavior of a large mix of composite materials

  • Design and manufacture innovative high-performance composite parts to maintain leadership

  • Minimize the weight, cost and time-to-market optimal composite industrial parts

  • Tackle the influence of processing in the final performances of a composite part

  • Predict failure, fatigue and creep properties of a composite structure

  • Compute the virtual allowables

During the conference, special attention will be given to Digimat 6.0 and Digimat-VA, the new member of the Digimat Platform will be announced and introduced. Digimat-VA stands for Virtual Allowables. It is a vertical solution developed to compute, instead of test, the behavior of composite coupons (unotched, open hole, filled hole, …) to screen, select and compute the allowables of composite materials. It is developed as a business solution where the focus is on efficiency and ease-­of use.

Who Should Attend?

Designers, CAE engineers or simulation managers who work with composite materials and need to design optimal and innovative composite materials and structures time and cost efficiently in an integrated analysis environment.

Registration link:


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Paris France
Date: March 13, 2015