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Discover Better Designs, Faster


Imagine achieving better product designs, faster and with less testing or repetitive manual work. A new capability with automated workflow is available now! Learn how to easily deploy design exploration with MDX (Multidisciplinary Design eXploration), a methodology that can link, enable and accelerate your current simulation tools to give you much greater return on investment.

For both new or experienced design engineers using simulation or computer aided design, this session will highlight how process automation and real design exploration can take time out of development cycles and add real value.

This event will show you how to achieve the fundamental step into design exploration, i.e. directly linking CAD with CAE simulation.

Demonstrations will highlight a complete workflow from automated meshing to our unique optimization algorithms which enable CAE engineers to perform multiple simulations seamlessly for robust design exploration and critical optimization studies.

This Workshop Will Cover:

  • Implementing an automated workflow from CAD-to-Solution to speed simulation productivity

  • Turning manual product design iterations into a robust Multidisciplinary Design Exploration process

  • Executing seamless, multiple CAE tool interoperability with a unique optimization workflow platform 

  • How to minimize hardware resource demand and reduce software costs with innovative licensing options

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Event Type: Workshop
Location: Willow Grove, Pennsylvania United States
Date: February 2, 2016