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Discover Better Designs, Faster with an End-to-End Solution for Electric Machine Design

Electrification in the industrial world is accelerating and the trend to develop smaller, lighter weight and higher efficiency electric machines is pushing the boundaries of electric machine design.

In order to discover better designs, faster and remain competitive, engineers now need to consider every aspect of the electric motor in their simulations, including electromagnetic and thermal coupling, mechanical stress and vibro-acoustics. They must also take advantage of intelligent design exploration to reduce development costs and increase both the lifetime and reliability of the electric machine.

This online event will demonstrate how our tools can be efficiently used together as an end-to-end solution for the design of modern electric machines. Presenters will discuss the workflow for thermal and mechanical stress management and the intelligent design of electric machines. The event will also feature a live demonstration of the thermal and electromagnetic workflow.


  • Dr. Stefan Holst
  • Dr. Markus Anders

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Event Type: Webinar
Date: April 5, 2016