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European Mechanics of Materials Conference

After London (2011), Varsaw (2013, Gothenburg (2014), the 15th edition of the European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC15) is organized under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society (Euromech). The conference will gather researchers who have a common interest in the mechanics of materials but possibly have different backgrounds (mechanical or civil engineering, physics, chemistry etc.). Hence contributions can include experimental investigations, theoretical models and advanced computational methods aiming at an improved understanding of materials mechanics at various length scales.

The topics wiill include:

  • Mechanics of polymers and metallic glasses - Experiments and models
  • Mechanics of composites - Experiments and models
  • Mechanics of metals - Experiments and models from nano to micro
  • Ductile damage and fracture
  • Fatigue, reliability and lifetime predictions
  • Failure of quasi-brittle materials
  • Functional and architectured materials (incl. additively manufactured materials)
  • Coupled mechanics and biomaterials
  • Mechanics of interfaces and evolving microstructures (incl. phase transformation and recrystallization)
  • Contact, friction and mechanics of discrete systems (incl. tribology, scratch, indentation, adhesion and granular flows)
  • Experimental mechanics (incl. advanced full-field deformation measurements and parameter identification)
  • The mechanics of highly porous materials: experiments and modelling
  • Advanced modelling techniques: higher-order continua
  • Advanced modelling techniques: multi-scale and scale bridging
  • Advanced modelling techniques: Stochastics in materials mechanics
  • Advanced modelling techniques: phase field approaches
  • Mechanics of Materials in Aeronautics (E-Caero 2)

You can find more information about the conference at:


Event Type: Conference
Location: Brussels Belgium
Date: September 7, 2016