Fatigue & Durability: Explained

Fatigue & Durability: Explained

Fatigue & Durability: Explained

This workshop will provide a technical introduction to the theory and background of fatigue and durability analysis. The emphasis is on practical engineering considerations for ensuring product performance – not the mathematical equations! Learn how durability analysis methods offer benefits in the quest to provide durable products faster, cheaper and better.

This workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to fatigue and durability
  • The factors affecting fatigue life
  • Common fatigue analysis methods, including Stress-Life (SN), Strain-Life (EN), and crack growth
  • Physics of fatigue and the development of analysis methods
  • Application of fatigue analysis to both measured strain gauge data and simulation results from finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Using nCode software for fatigue and durability analysis

Event Registration: www.ncode.com/workshops
When: 21 April @ 10:00-4:30
Where: Holiday Inn Farnborough (UK)

About: This free workshop is hosted by HBM-nCode. For more information email seminars@hbmncode.com or visit www.ncode.com/workshops.


Event Type: Seminar
City: Farnborough
Country: UK
Date: 21 Apr 2015