Simulation Workflow Automation Combined with Data Capture

Simulation Workflow Automation Combined with Data Capture

Tuesday, December 10 | 09.00 EST | 14.00 EST

To achieve the benefits of a simulation driven design process, simulation workflows must be easily captured and reused within an organization. Up to now, deploying a system to manage your simulation models has usually meant significant man effort, time and money. From creating data models to wrestling with databases and navigating IT headaches, existing “PDM like” commercial solutions have resulted in long deployment phases, high costs, and minimal results.

During this webinar, Phoenix Integration’s Model–Based Engineering solution ModelCenter will be presented and demonstrated. Special attention will be given to how automated simulation workflows can be captured and automated without programing or heavy customization.

A demonstration will highlight automation of multiple engineering simulation tools, integration into workflows, and capture of data when processes are executed.

Participants will discover that easy and out of the box simulation tool management is now a reality thanks to Phoenix Integration product suite.