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Getting Started with Predictive Modeling

Getting Started with Predictive Modeling




Predictive Modeling is based on building, managing and evaluating predictive models that are also often called approximation models, response surface models (RSM), reduced order models (ROM), surrogate models, metamodels etc. Predictive models are used for predicting function’s response values or behavior of the product designs without running new simulations and full-scale experiments.

pSeven provides full set of tools to train the data on external datasets and data, coming from simulation workflows, validate and compare your models, visualize them and export to neutral formats, like FMI.

Smartselection feature allows to train the models in one click and ensure the technique and its settings fits your problem best, even if you are not an ML expert.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate predictive modelling capabilities available in pSeven. Join and learn how to predict response values for new designs, accelerate complex simulations and capture knowledge from vast amounts of data with automatic and adaptive technique choosing.

Date: 30 March, 2022

Time: 11:00 AM CET

Duration: 1 hour


Laurent Chec, Vice President of Global Sales, DATADVANCE
Yulia Bogdanova, Application Engineer, DATADVANCE


Event Type: Webinar
City: Zoom
Country: Online
Date: 30 Mar 2022