ICCB 2017

ICCB 2017

The International Conference on Computational Bioengineering (ICCB) is a conference series initiated in Spain on 2003. ICCB conferences usually have 150-200 participants, and are designed to favour as much as possible the informal networking between researchers in addition to the exchanges in the scientific sessions. Beautiful locations (previously Spain, Portugal, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium…), great food, an easy-going atmosphere are the landmark features of these events, which contribute to create a social environment that favours the development of collaborations and exchanges.
The main topics of the 7th ICCB 2017 are :

  • Advanced modelling techniques and ICT systems
    • subject-specific and population-based modelling
    • multiscale modelling
    • multiphysics modelling
    • molecular dynamics
    • gene and protein networks
    • statistical/stochastic modelling
    • machine learning
    • connected biomedical tools/E-health
    • big data management of health, decision support system
  • • Physiological systems at different length scales: molecule, cell, tissue, organ, system, body, population.

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Event Type: Conference
City: Compiegne
Country: France
Date: 6 Sep 2017