Introduction to FEM Modelling

Introduction to FEM Modelling

Introduction to FEM Modelling


The output is only as good as the input. As the ‘input’ of the FEA project, Modelling is no doubt the most important step in a reliable analysis. 

This webinar walks you through major considerations in building a finite element model; helps you to avoid common misunderstandings and traps in FE modelling practice. Especially you will learn how to build high quality FE models effortlessly using the advanced modeling features in midas NFX. 

The session is free of charge, register now and start your next FEA project from success!

  1. Introduction to midas NFX Advanced Modelling Capabilities 
  2. Modelling procedure for: -1D elements -2D elements -3D elements 
  3. Practical examples with theoretical reference 
  4. Useful post-processing tools 
  5. Q&A

10am GMT
12am Paris ...

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Event Type: Webinar
Date: 11 Mar 2015