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Investigate fraction of second events using fast nonlinear dynamic analysis

June 26 2014

London 10:00am; Paris/Rome/Warsaw/Pretoria 11:00 am; Bucharest/Istanbul 12:00 am ;
Mumbai 2:30pm;
Bankok/Jakarta 4:00pm,
Kuala Lumpur 5:00pm

This is a specialist level training webinar for users of midas NFX and all Engineers who want to learn more about FEA Analysis.

Nonlinear Explicit and Implicit Dynamic Analysis are without doubt very complex on a theoretical point of view as well as on the FEA workflow. In This webinar you will learn how to tackle this kind of complex nonlinear dynamic problems that you always wanted to solve like:

- Impact Analysis of a projectile
- Crash on the ground of electronic equipment
- Nonlinear buckling with large deformations
-and much more...

During the webinar you will learn about:

- Nonlinear Explicit/Implicit Dynamic Analysis Theory
- (Type of nonlinearities, nonlinear contacts, iteration method)
- Nonlinear Explicit/Implicit Analysis workflow
- Analysis Tips to perform nonlinear Explicit/Implicit analysis
- Difference between Explicit and Implicit and sequential analysis

He will talk about how he uses midas NFX to perform all kind of Nonlinear Dynamic analysis and some tips to perform better FEA analysis as well.

You can even ask your questions in direct at the end of the webinar !
It is free, you have nothing to lose by joining ;-)


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Online
Date: June 26, 2014