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Laminar and turbulent flows using midas NFX

Laminar and turbulent flows using midas NFX


10am GMT

Understanding fluid behaviors inside and around structures is crucial in many design projects. Whether you are interested in liquid flow through the piping, the air flow over aircraft wings or the cooling air flow around electronic circuit boards, CFD analysis can help you understand the flow behaviors and make design decisions. 

This webinar starts from basic theories of CFD analysis and flow types. Then we will proceed to live demonstrations to explain CFD analysis workflow in a more practical way. The session is free of charge, register today and optimize the flow in your design!

  1. Introduction to CFD simulation 
  2. Theoretical background for laminar and turbulent flow 
  3. Practical examples and correlation to the theory for: - 2D models - 3D models 
  4. CFD Post-processing 
  5. Q&A


Event Type: Webinar
Date: April 15, 2015