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Master the Fastest Route from CAD to CFD

Simulation images using STAR-CCM+

We are pleased to announce a complimentary workshop on how to master simulating complex geometries. If you are a CFD user and want to reduce your simulation process and delivery times of simulation projects, you don't want to miss this event. By attending, you will see firsthand the benefits of taking CAD directly into CFD simulation without laborious, manual CAD repair.

This workshop is free, but registration is required as spaces are limited. Learn more by visiting our event page at

We will cover the latest surface wrapping and meshing technologies that eliminate manual repair from the CFD process. This assures a faster route from CAD to flow simulation, and gives engineers the opportunity to concentrate on engineering analysis.

During the workshop, our staff will demonstrate how our automated meshing, integrated workflow and optimization algorithms of simulation software enables users to quickly perform multiple simulations for design exploration and optimization studies. This, coupled with our new token-based licensing system provides the flexibility and framework to run multiple design simulations concurrently, maximizing the usage of your computer hardware resources.

This Workshop Will Feature the Topics of:

  • Handling Complex Geometry
  • Minimizing surface preparation and defeaturing with Surface Wrapping Technology
  • Advanced Meshing Technology – Way beyond Tet Technology
  • Why Parts-Based Meshing Operations favorably impacts rapid design changes
  • Mesh Motion Techniques and the value of Morphing, Overset Mesh and 6-DOF

Live interactive demos of meshing and optimization will be a substantial part of the workshop. Attend this session and increase your efficiency in going from CAD to simulation.


Event Type: Workshop
Location: Shawnee, KS United States
Date: February 25, 2016