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Material Selection

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This workshop covers the selection of materials and the considers some of the means used to lengthen the fatigue life of particular materials.

This Workshop will cover:

Selection of Materials - avoiding the “Mild Steel or Stainless Steel” Syndrome…..

  • What’s out there? - GraphMo to Graphene….
  • Why does a metal bend when dropped, whilst glass breaks?
  • Brief overview of some properties and systems

Modification of materials – “I’m constrained with selection but want to give the material a better chance of surviving for longer..."
  • Change the material – different specification, same family
  • Alter the process route
  • Alter the process outcome - particularly finish
  • Protect against environmental effects
  • Coatings
  • Modify stress distribution locally

Event Registration:
When: 6 May @ 1:30-4:30
Where: Malmaison Manchester (UK)
About: This free workshop is hosted by HBM-nCode. 

For more information email or visit


Event Type: Workshop
Location: Manchester UK
Date: May 6, 2015