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Mixing Simulation with Ease: Automating the Mixing Simulation Set-up Process

Mixing simulation

Poor mixing can result in the loss of millions of dollars within the chemical, pharmaceutical and many allied industries. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation is used to answer the numerous challenges that cannot be solved by analytical or experimental methods. This is especially important in the design and scale-up phases of process development.

A common hurdle in performing simulation mixing for engineers who are new to simulation is the significant amount of time required to set up geometry, meshing and adequate physics.

Even for experienced simulation experts, creating both geometry and mesh to explore the design space, and furthermore applying changes to it, can be time consuming.

Through the use of simulation, process development engineers can more effectively and efficiently overcome these obstacles to find the desired results.

In this webinar, users will learn about performing a mixing simulation for a variety of cases, such as single phase, gas-liquid (G-L) and solid-liquid (S-L), using an automated process for setting up a simulation. This automated process will alleviate the hurdles discussed above.

This automated process is via a virtual product development tool called Admixtus. Admixtus is designed to alleviate the hurdles discussed above and seamlessly integrates with STAR-CCM+®

You will also see a demonstration by a technical expert who will demonstrate the ease of setting up such a simulation. Examples will be shown to establish how a CFD simulation can bridge the gap in understanding mixing processes, providing a more robust design.

This webinar is free, but registration is required to obtain log-in information. Further details at


Event Type: Webinar
Location: Online
Date: November 17, 2015