MORTech 2019 Reduced basis,POD & PCD Model reduction

MORTech 2019 Reduced basis,POD & PCD Model reduction


After Cachan (2011, 2015), Blois (2013) and Sevilla (2017), a new workshop is organized, devoted to recent advances in model reduction techniques and their potential impact in computational and prediction sciences, especially (but not only) in mechanical engineering. Practical focus will be on recent developments
in Reduced Basis (RB) approaches, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) methods for the numerical solution of models involving partial differential equations. Other model reduction methods
are welcome in order to foster cross-fertilization of ideas and their synergy.

Lydia Matijevic,



Event Type: Conference
City: Paris
Country: France
Date: 20 Nov 2019