Optimisation Open Day at DETC

Optimisation Open Day at DETC

Join our Optimisation Open Day

20th April, DETC Offices

DETC Open Day
Are you interested in understanding the current trend in optimisaiton? Join us to the 1st Optimisation Open Day at our offices in Stratford.
This will be the first of a series of bi-monthly meetings in which some of the DETC Affiliates share with you their expertise in different field of optimisation

For this first round, we selected 3 organisations that will cover 3 different aspect of the optimisation:

  • Flexciton builds an intelligent planning and scheduling web-application that interacts with real time data from your manufacturing operations making use of AI to quickly and accurately process the information to find opportunities to save money and increase your production.

  • The University of Sheffield's 'Complex Optimisation and Decision Making' group has over 25 years' experience in optimization for industrial research applications. Initially co-financed by Ford Motor Company, the group have developed Liger - a flexible, easy-to-use, open-source optimisation platform. Liger was successfully used as a tool to minimise CO2 emissions as part of the Technology Strategy Board-funded CREO project. Over the last four years, Liger's capabilities have been significantly extended as part of the Programme for Simulation Innovation, funded by EPSRC and Jaguar Land Rover, aimed at leveraging virtual engineering capabilities for efficient, robust design optimisation.

  • Imperial College London Spin-off UQuant are working on a virtual validation platform in which state-of-the-art AI techniques are combined with virtual and physical data to accelerate the product development process. The mission of UQuant is to significantly reduce the time and cost of bringing new vehicle products to market by eliminating physical prototyping and physical validation. We will achieve this goal by increasing the efficacy of CAE tools, and enabling engineers to do more CAE in less time.

Each of the organisations will have a 40 minutes slot opportunity to:

  1. present their company background – 15 mins
  2. show their optimisation expertise and capabilities – 25 mins
It will be followed by a technological demo via a case study presentation and an open interaction with attendees.
Interested in participating? Send an email to samuele.deguido@detc.uk to register today!


Event Type: Seminar
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 20 Apr 2018