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Simulating Vehicle HVAC Systems

In order to provide optimal passenger comfort, a vehicle's ventilation system must be designed to deliver air at the correct flow and temperature. In the past, numerous costly prototypes were needed to test and re-test the system. Join us for a free workshop, where you will learn how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can replace early physical prototypes and how efficient design exploration can lead to optimized vehicle HVAC systems in a quicker, more cost-effective fashion.

This workshop will showcase various software tools, models, and coupling techniques used by today’s engineers to achieve better design, faster. Ranging from fast and efficient CFD "pre-thru post-processing" in STAR-CCM+® software, to more advanced modeling such as de-ice/defog and cabin heatup/cool down simulation. You will also learn about 1D-3D system simulation coupling, as well as the exciting possibilities design exploration/optimization can bring to the design process. Detailed agenda below.

The results will highlight the ability of virtual methods to predict the complex thermal cabin performance in the vehicle. These simulations will provide the foundation for a full cabin comfort model.

There is no cost for this event, but registration is necessary as seats are limited. Please visit our event page at for further details and to sign up.


Event Type: Workshop
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois USA
Date: December 15, 2016