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Simulation of Accurate and Efficient Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Simulation Image

This seminar will present the latest methods regarding efficient calculation heat transfer for the design of mechanical systems, including components and assemblies. Additionally, a brief overview of FSI capabilities through STAR-CCM+® and Abaqus Co-simulation approach will also be given.

CFD specialists will present examples of thermo-fluid dynamic (CFD) 3D calculations to effectively evaluate the temperature of components, including capabilities for heat exchangers, air conditioners, and equipment-cooling systems.

The topics of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and phase transition are examined using an example of an exhaust after treatment system. The exchange of energy between different phases is discussed with reference to a multi-phase simulation of an agitator. The handling of free surface simulations is shown with the discharge process of a shampoo bottle.

As a participant of this seminar, you will receive first-hand knowledge of how companies apply design-time settings for the simulation of heat transfer in forced convection, conduction, and thermal and solar radiation scenarios. Special attention is given to design changes and how they impact simulations.

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Event Type: Seminar
Location: Warsaw Poland
Date: January 27, 2016