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SIMULIA & Synopsys - Virtual Orthopedics – Digital solutions to new implants and protheses

From scans to personalized 3D models, using simulation to reduce physical prototyping leading to faster certification. 

Dassault Systèmes (SIMULIA) and Synopsys (Simpleware) showcase possibilities to bring personalized and innovative medical products to the market faster.

Free Kick-Off event May 16 in Aschheim/Munich. Further Dates and Places see below.
We showcase the advantages of patient specific virtual development for faster product development and certification.

  • Visualize and process 3D image data
  • Generate high fidelity computer models for CAD design, 3D printing and FEM Simulation
  • Include patient specific properties direct from 3D scan data
  • Virtual prototyping: reducing the number of physical prototypes and tests by computer-aided Simulation
  • Accelerate the certification process

For a detailed Agenda & more events in this series please see the event registration page.

Event Details:
Start: 9:00
End: 13:00
Optional Hands-On Workshops until 15:30.
Register today for this free event.

More information:


Event Type: Workshop
Location: Munich Germany
Date: November 8, 2018