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6th International Conference on Fatigue of Composites

The Sixth International Conference on Fatigue of Composites (ICFC6) is going to be organized by the French aeronautical competitiveness cluster ASTech from the region of Paris and Ile-de-France, a world-class high technology cluster in space and aeronautics. The conference will take place on the famous site of “Le Bourget” from March 25 to 27, 2015.

It will continue a successful series of international conference 1997 in Paris, France, 2000 in Williamsburg, USA, 2004 in Kyoto, Japan, 2007 in Kaiserslautern, Germany and 2010 in Nanjing, China.

Like the preceding conferences, ICFC6 is dedicated to provide a forum for scientists, designers, manufacturers and end users from academia and industry to discuss fundamental and applied research on composite fatigue and to exchange results, experiences and methodologies.

The topics of interest are:

• Fatigue damage mechanisms, initiation, evolution process and quantification

• Durability and life-time prediction for structural composites. Durability including the effects of mechanical stresses, moisture and elevated temperature

• Recent development in experimental methods to characterize fatigue damage in composites, damage detection, equipments and sensors, testing standardization

• Health monitoring and non-destructive methods for fatigue damage detection

• Loading types (mechanical, thermal and humid, uni/multiaxial), loading spectra : Overload/underload, arbitrary loading sequences, service spectrum loads

• Fatigue life of assemblies of composites with other types of materials (polymers, metals...), adhesive joins, hybrid joins, mechanical assemblies (bolted/riveted...), laser welding...

• Manufacturing and processing effects.

• Design and structural analysis issues, micro-structurally approach and multi-scale analysis, Innovative theoretical approaches, computational and analytical methods.

• Fatigue mechanical behaviour models and end of life criteria, damage tolerance concept, damage and fracture mechanics

• Applications: Fatigue of composite in aerospace, marine, off-shore, power generation, land transportation industry, civil engineering, machine building, and...

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Event Type: Conference
Location: Paris France
Date: March 25, 2015