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The Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit

The Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit

The Non-Obvious Beyond Diversity Summit

200+ Speakers. 48 Sessions.
Free Registration.
January 26-29, 2021

We will have more than two hundred visionary speakers joining us for this summit - and the topics they will be speaking about are equally ambitious. While our agenda is fast moving and continually being updated, below is an overview of the sessions we anticipate curating for this event. The overall event is divided into central themes based on the topics we will cover.

Please note, this is not a complete list and sessions are still subject to change:

- Unique Talent: Neurodiversity In The Modern Workplace [OP1]
- Never Too Old: Ageism and How To Integrate Older Talent Into The Workforce [OP2]
- How Men Can Be Better Advocates for Gender Equality [OP3]
- Technically Biased: Solving the Plague of Algorithmic Bias in Technology [TC3]
- Women in Tech: How to Get More Women Into the Tech Industry [TC1]
- Everyone Welcome: Using Technology and Metrics to Create More Inclusive Workplaces Where People Can Be Themselves [TC2]
- Just Be You: Embracing Our Bodies and Ourselves As We Are [SE3]
- Master Collaborators: What Disabled People Can Teach All Of Us About Working Together [WK1]
- Anti-Dad? Exploring The Persistent Bias Against Fathers In The Workplace [WK3]
- Sharing the Stage: #manels and the Movement To Diversify Speakers to Create More Inclusive Conferences & Live Events [EX3]
- Shared Parenting: How the Pandemic Shifted the Balance of Family Life and What It Means [HM2]
- Robot Citizens: How Artificial Beings Will Challenge Our Perceptions of Diversity [FT3]
.. and much more!

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Event Type: Conference
City: Online
Country: Online
Date: 26 Jan 2021