The Role of Vibration in Fatigue

The Role of Vibration in Fatigue

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HBM-nCode invites you to attend a free one-day educational seminar on a technical introduction to the role that vibration plays in fatigue and durability.

Any object with mass vibrates - and this vibration can be intensified by a number of sources: engine operation, wind and aerodynamic loading, wave loading, shock during transportation, and rotation of machinery. This vibration creates stress cycles that can lead to product failure over time. To avoid these failures it’s critical for an engineer to recognize that vibration and fatigue are two linked phenomena that need to be understood and managed together.

This seminar’s emphasis is on practical engineering considerations for designing against vibration and fatigue – not the mathematical equations! Learn how understanding vibration and durability can help you to avoid unnecessary over-design and prevent operational failures.

This seminar will cover:

  • Basic principles of fatigue and durability
  • Introduction to vibration
  • How durability is influenced by vibration
  • Creating equivalent shaker profiles for laboratory durability tests
  • Running virtual shaker tests using finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Application of vibration and fatigue analysis to both measured data and simulation results from FEA
  • Using nCode software for vibration, fatigue, and durability analysis

Who should attend?

Engineering Managers
Test Engineers
CAE Analysts
Product Design Engineers

A prior knowledge of material behaviour and general structural mechanics, typical of most practising engineers, is helpful but not required.

When: November 6
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Augusta
Cost: Free
Register and Learn more:

This event is hosted by HBM-nCode, contact info[at] with questions.


Event Type: Seminar
City: Augusta, GA
Country: USA
Date: 6 Nov 2015