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The Virtual Refinery: An Introduction to CFD in Downstream (Refining and Petrochemical) Operations

If you are involved in equipment design, maximizing refinery uptime and efficiency, troubleshooting problems or preparing for turnarounds, and are interested in the latest flow and thermal simulation technology, this webinar is for you.

Whether it is maldistribution of flow causing catalyst exhaustion, separation, combustion, thermal fatigue of mixing tees or coking, successful management of fluid and particle dynamics and heat transfer are critical for maximizing refinery uptime and process efficiency. Achieving process efficiency at the plant scale requires strong performance of individual unit operations and equipment.

This webinar will introduce the role that CFD can play in operating an efficient process and meeting environmental regulations through better designs.

Recent advances in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools, combined with continued speed improvements and cost reduction, mean the application of CFD to the complex operations of refineries is faster and easier than ever.

The webinar will introduce CFD, provide specific case study examples of how it is being applied in refineries, and a live demonstration of design space exploration of a burner.

This webinar is free, but registration is required to obtain log-in information. Please visit our event page at to learn more.


Event Type: Webinar
Date: June 7, 2016