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Third Uncertainty Quantification and Management Study Group with Industry


The UQ&M SIG held its inaugural Study Group with Industry in July 2016, and it’s second in March 2017– in three intense days researchers covering mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering and others worked with industry representatives (to date Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, MTC and Zenotech) to help tackle their real UQ&M problems.
With support from the University of Warwick and Innovate UK and three / four new industry problems (to be announced shortly!!).

The Study Group

The purpose of the Study group was four-fold:

1. To help companies with established UQ programmes refine their approaches,

2. To help companies new to the field understand the benefit that UQ&M could have on their operations,

3. To expose UK researchers to the kind of challenges UK industries wish to apply UQ&M to, and

4. To enable a cross-fertilisation of ideas between disciplines (data scientists, statisticians, numerical analysts etc.)

The Problems

The problems to be tackled by the Study Group attendees will broadly come from companies across manufacturing / engineering design and assessment sectors (although other sources of problems would happily considered). These problems (likely to be three or four) will be announced in due course. The one requirement is for the problem to have its routes in quantifying and managing uncertainty.

Why take part in the Study Group?

  • Get new problems
  • Expand research portfolio
  • Vital contact with industry
  • Meeting other academics from different fields


  • Get new solutions
  • Access to highly qualified individuals
  • Written report

Costs to Take Part

The majority of the Study Group is paid for by the sponsoring organisations (University of Warwick and Innovate UK), however to cover some costs, there will be a nominal registration fee for external participants. This fee will cover accommodation (available Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday) and meals. We also ask that travel costs should be sought from attendees’ own institutions.
The costs to pose a problem at this Study Group will be £400. As well as covering the above costs for food and accommodation, the problem posers will receive a detailed technical report exploring what was done and what needs to be done as a result.


The Knowledge Transfer Network
Warwick Centre for Predictive Modelling


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Coventry UK
Date: December 13, 2017