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Training: Foundations of Reliability Engineering Data Analysis & Modeling

The immensely popular G400 series is composed of Weibull and Life Data Analysis followed by an introduction to key principles in accelerated life testing (ALT), design of experiments (DOE), reliability block diagrams (RBDs) and repairable systems modeling.

Event Details

Start Date/Time: 23 Nov 2015
End Date/Time: 27 Nov 2015

This training course presents concepts and software tools that you could use to help your organisation:

  • Understand how life data analysis methodologies can be applied when you need to understand and communicate how a product will perform over time, such as: 
    • Setting meaningful reliability targets, demonstrating whether an item meets the specification and/or effectively communicating performance estimates to management.
    • Identifying whether an item will experience infant mortality and/or wearout and making predictions about performance during the useful life (or warranty) period.
    • Evaluating suppliers and/or comparing designs based on reliability.

  • Become familiar with the applications for other essential reliability analysis methods, including ALT, DOE, RBDs and repairable systems modeling. 

Note that G400A is a truncated version of G400 that covers only the first three days.

Course Content

Introduction to reliability engineering principles and methods

  • • Overview of reliability engineering theory and related mathematics, metrics and applications

Fundamentals of life data analysis and applications

  • Review of relevant statistical concepts
  • Reliability data types and censoring schemes
  • Reliability metrics and their interpretation
  • In-depth look at the Weibull distribution
  • Other lifetime distributions
  • Parameter estimation methods
  • Confidence bounds
  • Mixed Weibull distribution
  • Competing failure modes analysis
  • Degradation data analysis
  • Warranty data analysis
  • Model and data set comparisons
  • Reliability test design
  • Reliability demonstration
  • Stress-strength analysis
  • Case studies and hands-on practice using "Weibull++" distribution

Advanced life data modeling and applications

  • Combining life-stress relationships with lifetime distributions
  • Quantitative accelerated life testing (ALT) data analysis with life-stress models for one or multiple stresses
  • Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE) with a reliability engineering focus
  • Case studies and hands-on practice using Weibull distribution, "ALTA" and "DOE"

System analysis, modeling and applications

  • Reliability block diagram (RBD) analysis
  • Fault tree analysis
  • System reliability equation and metrics
  • Importance analysis and metrics
  • Reliability allocation
  • Determining optimum maintenance intervals
  • Reliability, availability and maintainability analysis for complex repairable systems
  • Case studies and hands-on practice using BlockSim

Statistical models for repairable systems and applications

  • Recurrent event data analysis
  • Fielded system analysis and modeling
  • Case studies and hands-on practice using RGA and Weibull++


Computers are used on this course so delegates are encouraged to bring their own laptop. We will install the appropriate software as needed. Alternatively, we can make arrangements and have a computer available for you for a small fee of £160.

Course Fee


Feedback from Previous Delegates

"This is simply an excellent course!" Alcatel- Lucent

"Excellent - an investment in my time and company's money that I believe will pay off!" Fianium

"Interesting and well presented, a good mix of theory and 'hands-on' experience..." Delphi Diesel Systems

"Many thanks to the Wilde team for all their efforts in delivering an informative, educational and well-presented seminar." GE Oil & Gas

"The G400 course is good for reliability engineer who want to excel in their career." One Subsea

"An excellent course. A++" Rolls-Royce Aerospace

"Very good seminar, definitely recommended for test & validation engineers. Professional team with straight forward training plan." Xaar Ltd


To register, or for further information, please visit:

Alternatively, please contact us on 0161 474 7479 or email


Event Type: Course
Date: November 23, 2015