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Training: TALREN V5 – Improve the Stability of your Geotechnical Structural Designs

TALREN 5 is ideal for checking stability of geotechnical structures

Complementary to PLAXIS FE software, TALREN 5 is ideal for checking stability of geotechnical structures, with or without reinforcements, including natural slopes, earth dams or dykes. Learn how to use this software in just one day by attending our TALREN V5 training course on 17th December.

Event Details

Start Date/Time – 16 Dec 09:00
End Date/Time – 16 Dec 17:00

Presented by TALREN 5 software developers, Terrasol, this one-day training course is dedicated to geotechnical engineers, slope stability analysts and structural engineers designing and / or checking the suitability of the slopes in structures including reinforcements.


  • Overview of Talren V5 capabilities
  • User interface
  • Analysis with soil reinforcements 
    • Exercise 1: Soil Nailed Wall
    • Exercise 2: Slope stability including hydraulic conditions (Links with Plaxis 2D)
    • Exercise 3: Calculations with imposed slip surfaces
    • Exercise 4: Geotextile reinforced soil stability
    • Exercise 5: Active and passive earth pressure calculations (Yield design method application)
    •  Exercise 6: Stiff inclusions below an embankment (Yield design application)

Registration / Further Information

To register, or for further information, please visit:

Alternatively, please contact us on 0161 474 7479 or email


Event Type: Course
Location: Stockport UK
Date: December 16, 2015