Webinar: Thermal Resistance Modelling with SimScale

Webinar: Thermal Resistance Modelling with SimScale

Thermal Resistance Modelling

Register for free here: www.simscale.com/webinars-workshops/thermal-resistance-modelling/

November 20 at 5 pm CET

Thermal resistance network models are thermal models that represent the complex characteristics of an electrical component in a simple form that can be used to carry out thermal analysis in many ways. We can also use thermal resistance models in CFD to obtain better results without adding excessive complexity to the simulation.

Learn what thermal resistance network modelling is, how you can use them in SimScale, and how you can find the resistance values with a detailed thermal model if the manufacturer has not provided them.

A professional simulation project will be provided to follow along during the webinar!

No prior knowledge or software is required to join this webinar. If you are unable to attend the live session, we would still encourage you to register in order to receive the recording.


Event Type: Webinar
City: Munich
Date: 20 Nov 2019