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Webinar: Focus on Optimus & CFD : Process Integration

During a mini-series of 2 webinars, we'll show you how you can easily get more value from your CFD simulations using Optimus. This first webinar focuses on the integration between Optimus & any CFD software, how this helps you streamline your simulation processes and get better engineering insights.

Register for this first free CFD-focused webinar on April 24th, 2014
Register here for the webinar

During this free webinar, you'll learn how Optimus :

  • integrates any CFD software (possibly combined with tools for CAD, mesh morphing, post-processing, …) into a repeatable simulation process that can be run without the user at hand.
  • conducts parametric simulation campaigns, enabling you to slash simulation turnaround time thanks to Optimus' fine-grain parallelization capabilities..
  • allows to consolidate simulation knowledge & easily share simulation workflows throughout your development organization.

Learn more about Optimus industry applications related to fluid dynamics. Go to Noesis website.


Event Type: Webinar
Location: Leuven Belgium
Date: April 24, 2014