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Webinar "pSeven capabilities to optimize aerodynamic characteristics with minimum number of iterations"



Optimization of smooth curvilinear surfaces to improve their aerodynamic behaviour is a challenging problem. 

Various challenges occur typically:

  • Need to automate the complete analysis chain including part parameterization, simulation process and postprocessing
  • High dimensionality of the parameterization, which challenges the optimization process
  • Multiple geometry and aerodynamic constraints
  • Huge runtime: depending on a solver, could be hours just for one design point
  • Noisiness of objective functions and constraints primarily due to aerodynamic solver.

In this webinar, pSeven’s capabilities to effectively overcome these challenges will be demonstrated using an example of 2D Airfoil geometry optimization problem solution, which includes:
  • Dimension reduction - obtaining a low-dimensional and accurate airfoil shape description by profile geometry parameterization using Generic tool for Dimension Reduction.
  • Process automation - simulation and optimization process automation in pSeven, including a solution of optimization subproblem to find a global maximum of a lift coefficient constraint (feature available in pSeven only!)

Surrogate-based optimization:
  • Automatically selected method based on a small number of user-defined parameters
  • Optimal solution found in a minimum number of CFD solver calls
  • Robust to problem noisiness
  • Allows to solve the problem in multi-objective formulation
  • Parallel execution of several CFD-calculations for different operating points.

All these pSeven’s features enable solution of complex optimization tasks, such as multi-objective airfoil optimization, or a problem with a huge simulation runtime due to applying a more accurate CFD solver results.

Time: 10 AM CET

Duration: 1,5 hour

Speaker: Dmitry Khominich, Engineer, Multidisciplinary Optimization Department, DATADVANCE

We recommend you to join the webinar 5-10 minutes before it begins.


Event Type: Webinar
Date: September 4, 2014