Why, How and When to use the Cloud to Drive Business Growth

Why, How and When to use the Cloud to Drive Business Growth

Altair Cloud Seminar

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) has traditionally required significant investment in computing resources and software. This includes high-end workstations for modelling and visualization (pre- and post-processing) and high-performance compute nodes to solve increasingly more complex problems. This investment can create a struggle to balance CAE workflow efficiency against rising IT costs associated with software, hardware, maintenance and support.

Today’s engineering teams need to deliver more robust and innovative products at an ever-increasing pace. This requires the exploration of multiple scenarios and can be limited by the availability of compute resources. Organisations need on-demand access to high-performance computing (HPC) and data management that can be supported with minimal IT burden. To address these business challenges, companies are utilising cloud computing to augment or replace existing IT Infrastructure. The sheer flexibility, scalability and cost-effective nature of cloud computing are attracting consumers from a wide range of industries.

This seminar will showcase how cloud computing can provide easy access to a high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and how leading companies are able to run larger scale jobs faster, providing better solutions, foregoing the IT expense of scaling and supporting internal HPC infrastructure to meet a fluctuating and peak operational demand.

Join us to see how Altair’s computing solutions provide visibility and control of the entire engineering and simulation lifecycle - delivering ease of access to applications, remote visualization, data management and analytics, secured workload management solution and cloud-friendly licensing.

Cloud solution benefits:

  • Agility: the ability to match resources required for in real time.
  • Hardware: leveraging cloud-based and physical resources
  • Software: providing ways for clients to use and scale Altair solvers as part of the solution and/or they can bring their own licenses.
  • HPE/FEA support: we package the solution in a way that is easy for engineers to consume the resources.

To Register visit:: www.altairatc.com/cloud

Who should attend?

Engineering staff of every organization looking to harness cloud computing, enabling CAE teams with unlimited possibilities: 

  • Design & CAE engineers
  • Department project managers
  • CTO’s & CIO’s
  • Directors and managers of engineering departments

Why should you attend?

  • Learn how to tackle the challenges of CAE on the Cloud and the freedom to truly explore the designs.
  • Network with delegates from across industries to discuss the challenges and opportunities posed by cloud-based innovations.
  • Learn from organisations already utilising the cloud
  • Interact with cloud vendor and leading experts in the HPC industry.
  • Understand how to define and meet your organisation’s IT priorities.

Analyse case studies from leading companies that have successfully embraced cloud technology.


Event Type: Seminar
City: Coventry
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 21 Feb 2018