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Practical Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

Who Should Attend

  • The course is an ideal introduction for those with little or no experience of FEA-based stress analysis
  • Good refresher for those who covered the subject at University but lack the practical industry experience
  • It may also be a good introduction to the technology for managers considering investing in this area
  • The course is NOT code specific and thus applicable to any designers/engineers using any FEA systems

What to Expect

  • The course starts with a revision of basic stress analysis concepts including worked examples
  • Each stage of the FEA modelling process is studied in detail to provide guidance on good practice along with hints and tips to help avoid common pitfalls encountered by those new to analysis
  • Particular emphasis is given to marrying the loads and the constraints together in order to minimise the effect of the chosen constraint mechanismThe course is examples-based so that the implications of not adopting best-practice is illustrated fully.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an understanding of the process of modelling real engineering components using FEA
  • Develop engineering judgment to improve the validity of all assumptions used in the FEA
  • Produce reliable FEA, which can be safely used as part of the product design and approval process

Course Instructor

Bob Johnson is a well-respected consultant and a co-founder of DAMT Ltd. With a wealth of industrial experience, Bob's lively presentation style puts over the key concepts in a manner, which involves participation in the course material. He is also a qualified NAFEMS Registered Analyst at Advanced Level. In addition to being a regular contributor at international conferences, he is also a member of the NAFEMS Education & Training Working Group and Technical Editor of the BENCHmark magazine.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Courses of this type are an essential element in a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and this is one of a number offered by NAFEMS in its seminar and course programme.


Event Type: Course
Location: Coventry UK
Date: April 13, 2005