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ABAQUS UK Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABAQUS Inc., the developers of the ABAQUS suite of general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) programs. ABAQUS UK is the exclusive distributor of the ABAQUS programs for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
From offices in Warrington and Sevenoaks, ABAQUS UK provides support for ABAQUS customers in the UK and Republic of Ireland across a wide variety of industries. Our offices also offer a range of training and consulting services.
ABAQUS UK is responsible for the sales and marketing of ABAQUS in the UK and Republic of Ireland.
Applied Computing & Engineering supplies leading organizations including Airbus, QinetiQ, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Nissan, BAE Systems and Bombardier with engineering simulation solutions (specialist applications software , consultancy and training ) spanning design and manufacture.

We provide complete solutions including high performance Linux Clusters for large analyses in addition to hardware maintenance, consultancy and training. We complement this with specialist visualization and post-processing software to investigate FEA and CFD results more deeply, to provide an extra understanding for better decisions and to communicate often complex results more effectively.
ANSYS designs, develops, markets and globally supports engineering simulation solutions used to predict how product designs will behave in manufacturing and real-world environments.
Its integrated, modular and extensible set of solutions addresses the needs of organizations in a wide range of industries. ANSYS’ solutions qualify risk, enabling organizations to know if their designs are acceptable or unacceptable — not just that they will function as designed.
BEASY is just one part of the BEASY Group formed in 1978. Its headquarters are in Southampton, England, and its main activities include:
• Research and development of BEASY software
• Sales and Marketing of BEASY products
• BEASY support services
• Training
• Publishing
• Customisation services
• Consultancy
BEASY currently provide services to clients in over forty countries worldwide. These services are provided in conjunction with our North American office in Billerica, Massachusetts and representatives all over the world.
CD-adapco is the leading global provider of full-spectrum engineering simulation (CAE) solutions for fluid flow, heat transfer and stress. STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+ provide the world’s most comprehensive CFD solutions, with the STAR-CAD Series as an easy-to-use, CAD-embedded front door to the full spectrum of CD-adapco solutions, backed by 25 years of extensive experience in CAE consulting.
The COMSOL Group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling. We are a fast growing high tech engineering software company with a proven track record and a vision as a future leader of the industry. The company was founded in July 1986 in Stockholm Sweden. We have grown to include offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, U.S.A. and United Kingdom.
Our corporate culture, like our products, is innovative, vibrant, and cutting edge. We are committed to encouraging creativity through an exciting, challenging environment in which individuals can excel and grow. Talented employees and an active learning environment are the keys to our success. This has allowed us to grow to a staff of 140 people.
Dataram Corporation {NASDAQ: DRAM], founded in 1967, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of reliable, high capacity and innovative memory solutions. With over 38 years experience, Dataram provides compatible memory for leading brands including HP, IBM, SGI, sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel and AMD Opteron. Dataram memory products are marketing worldwide through distribution, VAR and reseller channels and to select corporate accounts. In addition, Dataram provides customized memory solutions for OEMs and channel assemblers in information technology, medical, defense, telecommunications and embedded systems industries. Engineering excellence, quality products, timely delivery, superior service and support make DATARAM The Best Choice in Memory.
Fluent Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software is at the forefront of technology, and the code of choice for many of the world’s most successful businesses. Easily integrated into your existing design process, Fluent’s suite of software is designed to help companies reduce design costs and get products to market faster by virtual prototyping. It allows you to get a detailed look at fluid behaviour, gain insight and understanding to your fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reaction problems and improve designs.
The time and expense involved in buying hardware, leasing software, recruiting staff and then training them has led to many organisations preferring to outsource. These organisations have come to Icon because:

  •   We have more than 10 years experience in delivering confidential engineering solutions to real industrial problems
  •   Our in-house knowledge combined with our contacts throughout the CFD community ensure that the best possible solution to a problem is achieved
  •  We can realise your most demanding CFD problems
  •  We provide a more cost effective alternative to setting-up or expanding your own CFD department while maintaining a fully integrated CFD engineering capability
  •  We can minimise many of the bottlenecks that remain in the CFD modelling process
  •  We provide trained personnel at short notice
  •  Our engineers are experienced at working closely with both designers and laboratory technicians to accurately compare our CFD results with your available measurements data. 

Since we believe it is our customers who are the best judges of our work, we provide references upon request.
IDAC provides Finite Element Analysis and Computer Aided Engineering Consulting, and is the leading UK provider of ANSYS & DesignSpace software.
Our staff have well over 100 combined years of CAE and ANSYS experience between them so bring an extensive knowledge of analysis to every project.
IDAC's capabilities range from:
•  providing a flexible consulting and benchmarking service
•  running regular training courses for the full ANSYS product range
•  reselling and developing CAE software
•  offering expert technical support on both systems and software
Founded in 1984, INTES provides high level finite element technology for a broad application spectrum.
The business activities cover
 development of PERMAS, a general purpose finite element analysis software system,
used in many different industrial branches, 
 development of high performance FE methods, 
 integration and coupling with other software systems, 
 all services related to finite element technology, e.g. FE training, introduction of FE methods in enterprises as well as modeling and analysis services
LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. LMS offers a unique combination of virtual simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems, rotating machinery and engineering services in the areas of structural analysis, motion, ride & handling, noise & vibration, acoustics and durability. LMS is certified to ISO quality standards and is present in key locations around the world.
From manipulation of scanned data, and processing of bulk CAD data, to geometry conditioning and adaptation for FEA & CFD, 3Matic proves to be a real time-saver!

This innovative software eliminates reverse engineering steps because you can work directly on the available mesh data and even combine it with scan or CAD data from mixed sources.
MSC is a pioneer and a leader in enterprise simulation solutions that improve time-to-market, ensure right-to-market, and deliver enterprise value. The company's solutions allow manufactures to accurately predict how their designs will behave in their intended environments, without having to build and test multiple physical prototypes. MSC Software has deep roots in the aerospace, automotive and heavy machine industries, where leading companies rely on MSC Software to build their products.
Numerous global manufactures rest their reputation on MSC Software's Nastran finite-element analysis technology, originally developed for the NASA space program, and its related software solutions. The aerspace industry, in particular, recognizes Nastran as the de facto standard in high-end analysis.

In addition to application specific tools, MSC Software also offers integrated enterprise solutions (SimOffice, SimDesigner, and SimManager) to enable the extended enterprise to leverage the advantages of enterprise-level simulation.

PHYSICA is a new generation of simulation software that is specifically designed to tackle phenomena associated with manufacturing processes. The following list contains examples of industrial applications that have been modelled using PHYSICA:

  • Casting and solidification processes
  • Electronic manufacturing processes
  • Granular Flow
  • Welding
  • Forming processes (e.g. extrusion)
  • Primary metals processing (e.g. direct smelting, heap leaching
Founded in 1997, Sharc is the developer of Harpoon, the Extreme Mesher and the UK/Ireland distributor for EnSight, the world’s leading visualisation package ( ). Staff at Sharc are all engineers with significant experience in the aerospace and automotive CFD/FE industries. Sharc provides solutions to the most demanding engineering problems.
Since 1983, ITI TranscenData has led the industry in solutions relating to the exchange, reuse, and sharing of CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM-related data. Our innovative methods, tools and technologies have enabled clients throughout the world to improve product development processes and productivity. We deliver results through successful project management and responsive, customer service.
UGS works collaboratively with clients to create open enterprise solutions that enable them to transform their process of innovation and maximize value throughout all phases of the product lifecycle. PLM is an increasingly important and visible enterprise business strategy that lets organizations digitally manage product information from ideation to retirement, netting more business value from every product. As our customers' need for digital collaboration between disparate and distant groups increases, we create global access to product data, process information and ideas.
FEA Ltd is a member of the Wilde Group , formed in 1980 as an independent supplier of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solutions to industry.
Today, we are recognised internationally as a leading provider of FEA technology, offering solutions to companies in the UK and internationally.

  • FEA Software
  • FEA Consulting
  • FEA Training
  • FEA Technical Support
Zentech specialises in engineering consultancy and advanced software solutions. We solve a wide range of analysis problems for clients in the offshore, nuclear, aerospace and manufacturing, as well as defence, structural and civil engineering industries.
In addition, Zentech develops applications for the non-engineering sector.
As an independent company established in 1980, Zentech has completed assignments in the UK, Europe, Africa, USA, South America and the Far East.

Business is conducted from the head office in Camberley, Surrey (UK) and through Zentech Offshore Engenharia Ltda. in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).