Integration of Numerical Simulation into the Product Development Process (FEA and CFD)

Integration of Numerical Simulation into the Product Development Process (FEA and CFD)


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In product innovation processes, simulation driven design and virtual manufacturing have been implemented to reduce physical testing and to improve product behavior and performance in order to meet customers needs and expectations. Computer simulation not only replaces physical prototypes, but it also introduces a complete new way of experimenting with ideas and enabling the design engineer to explore, test and manipulate the product and receive fast feedback.

Today engineers can perform different types analyses on a 3D CAD model with bi-directional associativity, allowing the user to make changes to their model in a tightly integrated environment. The recent enhancements in FEA and CFD technology, combined with improved meshing technology and faster computers allows for real time interactive process.

Seminar objectives

The seminar is intended as a forum for designers, engineers and companies interested in getting a comprehensive overview and gain knowledge about the latest advances in simulation driven product development. The participants will be shown how leading companies have adopted the technology, illustrated with practical examples on how the technology is being applied in different industries. Thus, the current state of the art and trends as well as future challenges will be presented for the participants.

Hardware and Software Exhibition

The seminar will be accompanied by an exhibition featuring the latest software and hardware developments. The exhibition is an ideal opportunity for hardware and software vendors.


Bjorn Tollefsen, EDR Engineering Data Resources as
Member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee and technical coordinator of Structural Analysis (FEA) seminar

Stefan Olovsson, Fluent Sweden AB
Member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee and technical coordinator of the CFD seminar







November 2, 2006

08:15 Optional: Guided tour through Volvo Truck Facilities

12:00 Registration

Plenary Session – Numerical Simulation

Welcome and NAFEMS Presentation
B. Tollefsen (Engineering Data Resources as, Norway); S. Olovsson (Fluent Sweden AB, Sweden); A. Oswald (NAFEMS, United Kingdom)

Keynote Presentation:
Benefits of Integration of Numerical Simulation
into the Product Development Process
to be announced

Application of a Hybrid CFD/BEM Approach to the Prediction of the Sound Generated by the Flow Past a Confined Cylinder
P. Martinez, C. Schram (LMS International, Belgium)

Best Engineering Practice in Design of Offshore
and Ship Structures
K. Aamnes (DNV Software, Norway)

Coffee break

Trawl Impact on Pipelines: Development of a Fluid Structure Interaction Methodology at Statoil
F. Carlsson (Fluent Sweden AB, Sweden); H. Ilstad (Statoil A/S, Norway); J. Granlund (Abaqus Scandinavia, Sweden)

Two-way Fluid-structure Interaction Simulation
of Wind Turbine
C. Nørgaard (Medeso AB, Sweden)

Modelling and Simulation of Fiber Dynamics in Air Flows for Non-Woven Processes
M. Günther (Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany)

Fluid Structure & Dynamic Considerations in Biomedical Applications
Y. Ventikos (University of Oxford, United Kingdom);
K. Shah, M. Megahed (ESI Group, France)

Coffee Break

Major Research and Development Initiatives
P. Bjellheim (Moldflow Scandinavia AB, Sweden)

Exhibitor Presentation: Altair Engineering
M. Hermodsson (Altair Engineering AB, Sweden)

Sponsor presentation: Hewlett Packard
S. Perzon (Go Virtual, Sweden)

Beverages & Snacks in the exhibition area
sponsored by



November 3, 2006


Parallel Session - CFD

Designing Aseptic Filling Machines with CFD and Dynamic Similarity Experiments
J. Olsson, U. Lindblad (TetraPak AB, Sweden)

Exhibitor Presentation: Fraunhofer ITWM
M. Günther (Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany); R. Rundqvist (Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics, Sweden)

Exhibitor Presentation: CD-adapco
Star-CAD Series in the Product Development Process
A. Read (CD-adapco, United Kingdom)

Coffee break

Automated CFD Blade Design within a CAD System
P. Andersson (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden); M. Ludvigson, O. Isaksson (Volvo Aero Corporation, Sweden)

Simulation Based Design Reliable CAD – Multi-physics Interaction S. Kini, W. Ottow, M. Megahed (ESI Group, France)

Sponsor Presentation: Fluent
Ansys/Fluent CFD Software in the PLM Process
S. Olovsson (Fluent Sweden AB, Sweden)


Use of CFD in Product Design
C. Fyhr (Volvo Cars, Sweden)

Fast Robust Design Optimisation of a Cooling Duct
H. Strandberg (Esteco Nordic AB, Sweden); F. Campos, S. Weston (ICON, United Kingdom); P. Geremia (Esteco UK, United Kingdom)

On Integration of CFD in the Product Development Process for the Automotive Industry
S. Perzon (Go Virtual, Sweden)

Designing Paper Forming Fabrics using CFD
R. Rundqvist (Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics, Sweden)

Summary and Farewell
S. Olovsson (Fluent Sweden AB, Sweden)



Parallel Session - FEA

Use of Structural Simulations in Mobile Phones Development in General and Concept Phase in Particular
T. K. Petersen (Nokia Danmark A/S, Denmark)

Conceptual Design of Optimal Structural Properties
of Modular Car Product Families
B. Torstenfelt, A. Klarbring (Linköping University, Sweden)

Discussion on Integration Issues
B. Tollefsen (EDR Engineering Data Resources as)

Coffee break

Industrial Improvement of CAE through PIDO
Å. Burman, H. Strandberg (Esteco Nordic AB, Sweden); L. Bucchieri (EnginSoft SpA, Italy)

Optimal Design of Washing Machine Cabinet Using Design for Six Sigma
L. Ballesteros, F. Elizarraraz, O. Barrios (Mabe Technology and Projects, México);  A. Dorantes (Technological Institute of Querétaro, México)

Design for Reliability of a Washing Machine Supports System
J. L. Moreno Jimenez, L. Ballesteros (Mabe Technology and Projects, México); R. Lesso (Technological Institute of Celaya, México)


Progressive Damage in Layered Composites and its Finite Element Modeling
L. Zeng (ÅF-Process AB, Sweden)

Analysis of the Eccentricity Problem in Backward Can Extrusion
J. Danckert (Aalborg University, Denmark)

Creep buckling Simulation of a T-junction Pipe
Anders Bergqvist, Mikael Lauth (Medeso AB, Sweden)

Numerical Medical Device Optimization
T. S. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)

Summary and Farewell
B. Tollefsen (Engineering Data Resources as, Norway)




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