Introductory Course on Design Optimisation

Introductory Course on Design Optimisation


Computer-optimisation of engineering designs is a powerful emerging technology. Currently, technical designs are based on the intuition and the experience of design engineers. In the future, computer optimisation will assist in the search for optimal technical solutions.

Automated design optimisation technology has already been applied to numerous problems. Many of the applications are in the area of Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM). Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has not been a natural first candidate for the application of optimisation methods, due to the high CPU requirements for CFD simulations. This is a challenge, as optimisation methods require a significant number of solution points in parameter space in order to arrive to an improved design. However, substantial effort has been devoted in recent years to this problem and efficient solution strategies have been developed.

Acknowledging the growing importance of Design Optimisation to industrial CFD applications, ERCOFTAC has established a Special Interest Group (SIG) on this subject at its Pilot Centre in Munich. It is intended as a platform for the information exchange from science to industry.

In the present course, experts will offer an introduction to the basic methods used in design optimisation. The presentations will cover:

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Evolution Strategies
  • Gradient-based Methods
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Meta-models / Neural networks
  • Optimisation Set-Up
  • Commercial Optimisation Tools
  • Test Cases for Demonstration on “How It Works”

Furthermore, to demonstrate the capabilities of their codes, and to develop basic skills in problem definition, in set-up of applications, in the use of different methods and solution evaluation (maybe you could bring your own application?), various test cases presented by code vendors will provide hands-on on-line training. A PC will be made available to each code supplier, enabling participants to compare different software tools and suitability to own applications.

For full information and registration, please visit the ERCOFTAC website.