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Combining Physical and Virtual Testing

Conference will be held at the Viking Line Ferryship:
Stockholm (S) - Turku (FI) - Stockholm (S)


Registration Form


I would like to register my attendance / exhibition

We are interested in sponsoring - please contact us
We would like to register for exhibition -> 375,- Euro

I would like to book following cabin (please be aware that you need to book a cabin when register for the conference!!)

Stockholm on April 8 (20:10) - Turku - Stockholm

Turku on April 9 (morning) - Stockholm - Turku


Category A - 2 bed inside, shower/WC 48,-
Category B - 4 bed inside cabin, shower/WC 76,-
Categroy C - 4 bed outside cabin, shower/WC 100,-
Categroy D - Luxurious outside cabin, double bed, TV, shower/WC 135,- All cabins can be booked for single use also.
Costs per cabin in Euro + tax if applicable
Single use

Multiple use of cabin - the other users are (please complete):


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NAFEMS Membership
NAFEMS Publications
'BENCHmark' Magazine
International Working Groups
EU Projects (FENet, AUTOsim)
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Registered Analyst Scheme