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Agenda & FAQs


Please download a copy of the event agenda by clicking on the embedded link.








When does the event begin/end?

  • The NAFEMS North American 2008 Regional Summit will begin on October 29th, 2008 at 8am EDT (opening presentation). The event will end at October 31st at 12:30pm EDT.
  • An 2-day optional V&V training course will be held at the same venue from October 27th-28th, 2008.

What is the CAEE tour?

  • The first 150 people to register for NAFEMS 2020 will have the option to participate in an interactive tour of the Center for Advanced Engineering Environments. For more information, download the CAEE flyer, or visit the CAEE website . The CAEE tour will be offered on Thursday, October 30th from 5pm - 8:30pm. Transportation to/from the CAEE facility and the HRCC is provided free-of-charge.  

What is the PLASVEE Challenge?

  • An industrial-level product development project will be proposed for discussion by multiple CAE application vendors.  Each vendor will be provided with an overall description and specifications for a Personal Land Air Sea Vehicle (PLASVEE) to be developed in 2020.  They will use this information to discuss their view of the business, technology, process, and people issues they foresee in the future product design environment.  Each vendor participant will address how they envision the role will be for engineering simulation in developing such a product in the year 2020 that meets the specified business and technical performance targets.  The ensuing discussion will address the physical challenges presented by such a product that include (but not necessarily be limited to) kinematics, FEA, multibody dynamics, CFD, optimization, the environment, etc.  The participants will present their views followed by a question-and-answer segment with the conference attendees.

What is the Vendor Forum?

  • NAFEMS exists because a group of far-sighted users of CAE anticipated their increasing dependence on commercial software, and wanted to ensure that those systems would be of highest quality and would address their needs. The CAE software industry, small then, is now substantial and robust, and enjoys healthy growth. This is because it delivers tools that address important engineering problems. Yet in spite of the tremendous growth in software functionality and in the computational resources that are now available for running simulations, most users still face frustrating limitations in their ability to deploy CAE with confidence in their design work. In this forum we will invite the vendor-sponsors of the meeting to give their views on which will be the greatest drivers of their industry between now and 2020, and how they expect the industry will evolve in response. Audience participation together with moderation by NAFEMS’ North American Steering Committee should ensure the session delivers lasting value.

What is the NAFEMS Wrap-up and Closure?

  • Immediately following the Vendor Forum and prior to closing the meeting, members of NAFEMS’ North American Steering Committee will provide wrap-up commentary, including responding to questions and comments from the audience.